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I can't talk very much because I have to rise early in the morning to pack my bags and go to work, but yesterday was my last day of school as a junior in high school. I've pulled off an all nighter to finish my English final project; a poster board depicting the life of Maya Angelou, author of her famous autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and who just died recently and left behind an amazing legacy. Everything else was rather easy; this was the very first semester in which I've gotten grades that were all above 95%. I finished my junior year with straight As, and considering what stood in my way, it seems remarkable and even impossible.

Before the problem facing me was that I was unemployed, but now my work load is frightening since I now transcribe videos for National Geographic. Although I would much rather do this and work from my home than work at a fast food restaurant chain or department store, the deadlines are insane and the pay for the work isn't very sustainable. Even though I can type up to 90 words per a minute, when you are staying up in the early morning hours to meet a deadline you focus on the finish line, getting to the end, turning the project in before polishing it and ensuring that it meets up to standards. I've made this mistake starting out, but as I've had this job for almost a month now, I've gotten a lot better and am now much better at editing my work and paying attention to detail.

During the academic awards ceremony last week, I've received six awards (although technically I should of gotten nine) one of them being a Varsity letter in track. I'm more happy with the fact that I lost fifteen pounds from track this season and have so far managed to keep it off.

I also did the talent show again on May 30th. I sang the song "Another Brick In The Wall" by, Pink Floyd. It is a very suitable song for this year in general; I could not even guess the things I thought I would do this school year. I originally wanted a skit to be involved in this, but I decided to do this myself last minute. I wasn't going to do this, but I can't be more glad I signed my name on the list anyway. There was one good act after another, but when I went onstage I felt something I hadn't before. I felt so much energy; during the second half of the song especially after I had clapped, the hundreds of the students and tens of parents in the audience echoed me. I had my leather jacket and Pink Floyd shirt on, and I felt so much like the front man I've dreamed to be. After the song, I ran off the stage and high fived rows of people. There wasn't even much of an applause, but rather an actual gasp in the audience when the winner was announced and it wasn't mine. That was the last thing I had on my mind. I did not expect to win, and I wasn't so surprised that I didn't. The disappointment from losing was overwhelmingly overshadowed by the adrenaline from the crowd, and how so many more people than years before came up to me to congratulate me on the performance. I heard the song being sung in the school hallways and being talked about among students, and that powerful connection meant a lot more to me than the title itself.

I couldn't record the performance, and getting a video of this was rather difficult. After asking around, I met a very sweet freshman girl who happened to record my performance. The PA system did not do my voice nor the backing accompaniment justice, and there were parts I could of done better in because of my lack of practice. The video is not on YouTube and I'm having difficulty posting it here, but it's posted on my Facebook account. :shrug:

Yesterday was also the last day I will ever have a class with my microbiology partner Caleb. Except right now he's a little more than just that...yes, we're dating now. I couldn't have stopped it from happening if I tried and so far I don't really want to. His family is so sweet, there's still so much I have to say and such little time to say everything. His mom is a special education teacher for the elementary school. I don't feel judged, but welcomed into their home. Not to say it's not chaotic, there's always something going on, but so am I which makes it all the more wonderful. :D

I've worked for a month, got nearly two weeks off, used my income for concert tickets instead of college (It's The Eagles...there has to be an exception for that!) and am starting work again tomorrow. I'm packing to attend Girls State starting this Sunday at Willamette University which is an American Legion sponsored camp that teaches about government and legislature, and I'll also have the opportunities to participate in mock trials and debates...sounds exciting to me! :XD:

I'm still looking back on this fact...this fact that I am now officially a senior in high school, and starting this August, will also be a freshman in schedule, which is already insane, is going to get much crazier much quicker. I've spent years waiting for the day to attend college, and now that the day is just two and a half months away, I'm not sure I'm going to keep wishing that time away, but enjoy the last months I have of excused, childlike behavior before I turn the dreaded eighteen this September; ten years after eight. Ten years after my first year of choir, my first year of social development, my first year of integration into the normal classes with the normal crowd; and ten years after this number I've obsessed with for so many years, for this reason I'll never find out why. The color green on the other hand, I've learned that green isn't just a color. It's an emotion. It's a taste, it's a smell. Green is the color of the security to go out into the world and take chances, however big or small. Green is the color to openly embrace the child you are without the grown up fear of consequence. That's my perception of it anyway, thanks to synesthesia. Either this, or maybe I'm just crazy. =P
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