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I support peace by RainbowGrin Flower Power Stamp by Mirz123 I love the Night by LadyQuintessenceI love Rainbows - Stamp by r0se-designs Keep Calm and Ramble On Stamp by CassieCros13Led Zeppelin Symbols Stamp by CassieCros13Let The Music Be Your Master Stamp by CassieCros13Marching Hammers by RalfMaximusPink Floyd - Studio Albums by amordragonDon't Stop Believing Stamp by CassieCros13 Look upto the stars. by PixieRiot Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiot Writing is a talent. by PixieRiot Stamp - Pink Floyd by Leviamicky
Led Zeppelin 1969 Stamp by theaschebloodprinceStairway To Heaven Stamp by CassieCros13 Pink Floyd by draco-dragon84 It's your oyster. by PixieRiot Dazed and confused... by PixieRiot
The chase stamp by dfmurcia The chase stamp by dfmurcia The chase stamp by dfmurcia
Rainbow Piano by kaitlynragerRainbow Piano by kaitlynragerRainbow Piano by kaitlynrager

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CassieCros13's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Literature
United States
:bulletred: I was born on Friday, September 13th on a full moon after midnight. (Which explains a lot. =P )

:bulletorange: I am an eighteen year old high school/college student and aspiring Political Scientist that fantasizes about being a hippie once in awhile.

:bulletyellow: I live in a remote, rural town of about 2000 people in Oregon.

:bulletgreen: I love to sing, write, debate, and draw. Even though I'm not much of an artist in comparison to the spectacular talent on dA, I'm obsessed with colors and love the psychedelic art and music of the 1960's and '70's.

:bulletblue: I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was four years old.

:bulletpurple: My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

:bulletpink: Above picture made by the very talented :iconfg-twins: :heart:

:bulletwhite: dA is my favorite site on the internet because of the diverse talents and heart of it's community.

Through The Eyes of AutismThey said I was a miracle child. That the fact that I can even talk or comprehend things now is only the work of The Lord himself. For many years I was trapped in my own state of mind. Knowing the words I wanted to say, but the ability to speak them out was gone. Yet everyone looked at me as if I was different, "special" as they call it. Even though it's all behind me now, in a sense I still feel this way. Each day I'm forced into a mold I can't fit into, no matter what I'll do.
I've never before told this story to anyone in person. Not the whole, true testimony of what I do remember of the trance. Waking up from a dream; it didn't at all seem like the hellish nightmare my family perceived it to be. That's because I was the small, gullible child who laughed with the children who were laughing at me. Wanting to make friends with kids who would purposely hurt me. Some things never change.
My family needed to blame something. There has to be a cause for everything, right? Reasons
The Church Upon The Hill. by CassieCros13 ProhibitionThe working men who drank for years
To liquidate their fears
Just a couple creamy beers.
Seldom exceeding that number
The beers lured them into slumber.
Living in this time
When society saw it fine
To enjoy such beer and wine.
But whiskey was not the same
It was the devil’s wicked game.
As it poisoned the best of men
It shall never cast it’s spell again!
They were wet, but voted dry
Against the bourbon and the rye
Never expecting the beer to die.
Unknowing of the petition
Endorsing absolute prohibition
That would outlaw their addiction.
With the banishment of whiskey
It was more pricey and more risky
As people stabbed and robbed to loot
The sole forbidden fruit.
No more rum, no more champagne
To entice the tired brain
As the people woefully dread
When prohibition further spread
Intended to stop the crime
That increased tenfold with time.
Rather than ending prohibition
Up came another mission
To point the finger to the drugs
Associated with the murderous thugs
Yellow journal
Generation GapIn a fragile world accessed through fingertips,
I have it all.
The opportunities that come with glaring at a screen,
connections with strangers through an alternate universe.
A message sent in an instant
what would of taken months through other, dated means.
Oh, what you could have with such things;
To entertain, distract, dwindle precious time.
A slide of a finger, a click of a button.
These luxuries, as you call them,
Accessible any shift of day.
Valued keepsakes and possessions now
You could nevermore dream up;
And you're jealous, a generation delayed.
Not a manner to garner outside news
exempt of flipping through files;
While a typed solitary word brings us all we've come to know.
As I despise my own time,
What you would do
To steer into the future
And relive childhood in the era you belong.
In a lucid world fresh with color and life,
You had it all.
Controversy spurred amongst this modern heavy sound
Driving the masses off their feet, flocking ample stadiums.
Performers e
The Crystal Ship by CassieCros13 Song Lyrics Collage by CassieCros13 Oh, the Humanity! by CassieCros13 Time. by CassieCros13
I can't wait for this week to be over with.

I was rushing to get to school in the morning as usual when my bowl of Cheerios spilt all over the LCD screen of my laptop. I panicked and made a lousy attempt to save it, and now the entire left side of my screen is a blur and there are pixilated vertical lines all across my laptop monitor. I'm working on a huge research paper and have a lot of materials for it saved on my hard drive, so the timing couldn't be any worse. I hate that this accident was completely preventable, and I ruined what was supposed to be my graduation gift. I am very thankful that it's still operable and I'm using it now as I type, but I don't know how much longer it will last. My Toshiba Satellite laptop is under a two year warranty, but customer support hasn't contacted us back yet after four days and if I ship the laptop to the factory, I'm afraid I won't see it for a very long time and that extra fees will be attached. Still, the very long wait would beat dishing out $500 for another laptop, but there has to be a better, faster, cheaper way out there somewhere. I could possibly ask my boyfriend Caleb to help since he knows how to build computers, but him tampering with it could void the warranty and even perhaps worsen the damage already done. We don't have any money to fix it and the money we do have is supposed to be saved for graduation. A part of me really wants work so we can earn more money and I could repair it in a few weeks when the check comes, but I'm also exhausted, frustrated and physically drained and the absolute last thing I want to do is work. I can't believe I was so careless and I can't be more pissed off at myself right now. I need this laptop for work and school and the accident happened two days ago, but the screen is gradually getting worse and I'm afraid it might go completely out by the time the Toshiba manufacturers actually take the time to respond to us. Grump

We don't have very much and I don't ask for much at all, but it is critical that I have this laptop for work and for my college courses that I will be registering for online shortly, and the screen is barely visible at this point. I hate myself for doing this and wish there was a cheap way to fix it or that the Toshiba customer support genuinely cared about their customers.

My parents are fighting sickness and I'm afraid I'm next to catch it, I was coughing really deep this morning and still feel something in my throat. School is such a drag and we have very little work assigned to us besides the long term projects which is both great and extremely boring. Graduation is in less than three weeks and finals are in the end of May, yet we haven't received our caps or gowns and I'm really anxious and just want to get the hell out of high school.

Some great news is that my brother Joshua, an eighth grader, was selected to perform in the high school band statewide competition and they won third place out of forty-four schools!! I'm incredibly proud of him and of our school for high achievement in something other than sports. We have very little extracurricular activities because the little funding our 3A school does receive goes to football, basketball, track, and baseball but not towards music and art, and we even cut debate team and drama among many other course embedded and after school activities we used to have. This victory is hopefully a step towards recognizing arts and music, and other creative talents that don't require athleticism.

I wish I could turn back time and prevent my idiotic self from eating breakfast near my expensive laptop. Disbelief 
  • Mood: Frustrated

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Currently saving up to host a contest with big point prizes!! :la:

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